What do we understand by virtual presentation?

It is a presentation presented in digital format, published on the conference web and on which the participants can read and interactively navigate from the conference web (a virtual presentation admits textual, graphic, video, audio, information among others, and the possibility of interacting o bit or Access the web suggested in the presentation) Each Presentation has a concrete TOPIC associated with it. There is a FORUM active during the conference for each topic, a link to the EMAIL of the speaker or speakers. With this methodology, a virtual presentation offers a great interaction on all levels.


Interaction between speakers: Through the char, discussion forums and email

Interaction between participants: Through chat, forum, and email

Interaction between speaker and participant: Through the exposition and lecture, the visualization of the graphic material annexed to the presentation (video, photographs, graphics, etc.) and direct access to the email of the speaker, discussion forums and chats of the topic


A presentation via internet offers the same facilities for the assistants as a face-to-face one, thanks to the additional set of associated tools: forum, chat, and direct email with the speakers. In reality the principle differences reside in that all the information presented in is a digital format, but at the same time, this format allows dynamism of content and duration impossible to achieve with a conventional presentation.



The presentations will be available during the entire duration of the conference. All of them will be able to be accessed via the internet, the only condition being that the users need to be registered with the conference to receive an access code.


Advantages for the user


At any given moment you could consult the information as many times as you require and send as many questions to the speaker as necessary.

Consult all the questions and answers generated during the publication of the presentation by all of the participants in the discussion forum.

Exchange experiences and opinions directly with speakers and other participants in the topic chat.



Commitment of the Speakers

The speakers must commit to:

  • Respond daily to the emails from the participants, during the event with no more than a 24 working hour delay.
  • Participate in the corresponding topic forum, responding to the questions regarding their presentation.


Guidelines for the showing of presentations


The assignments must be uploaded to the Conference web site according to the established calendar via the selection of “Send Presentations” within our website. It is necessary that all the authors and/or coauthors of a presentation upload the same ones to their respective user, it is worth clarifying that if an assignment has 4 authors, of which 3 decide to participate in the conference, those 3 authors must upload the file with the corresponding specifications.


We have prepared tutorial to help with this. The admitted languages will be Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese.


The files must be made in Word Font Arial size 12 and single line spacing, without exceeding 15 pages without including annexes (which must be avoided unless they are considered strictly necessary)


The files will be assigned a name which first part corresponds to the number of the topic (1 to 5) followed by the first last name and first name of the author (or one of them in case there is more than one), example (2 Olmos Pedro).


The images (drawings or graphics) will be presented in GiF or JPG format already inserted into the document.


To be published in the Web, they must include a cover page and a summary with the following specifications:

  • Title of the presentation in upper case letters (Font Arial, size 24 black color)
  • Indicate the name of the topic to which the presentation belongs in Arial 16
  • Full name of the author or authors, institutions  to which they belong and country in Arial 16
  • Email of the author(s), in Arial 16
  • Summary of the presentation with a maximum Word count of 50 in Arial 12, Interlinear space 1.5
  • Between five (5) and seven (7) key words that describe the paper.


Annexed at the end of the same research file with a brief curriculum (no more than one page) of the author(s)

Also attach wallet sized photography (4x4cm) in .jpg format of each one of the authors.


The criteria of evaluation by the reviser committee will be the following:

  • The subject must be congruent with any of the topics established
  • The presentation must be structured in an organized and clear fashion.
  • Specify in a clear way if it is about and institutional experience, or of an essay product of an investigation.
  • Must produce a net contribution to the knowledge of the academic community.

The judgment shall be informed via the same conference web.