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April 20-30








In the current year we call on the participation in the Seventh Virtual Ibero-American Congress on Quality in Virtual and Distance Education, EduQ@2017. The valuable participation in the previous editions is the principle incentive to continue on this path in the training and the learning between peers, between professionals in education that see Virtual and Distance Education as one of the most promising educational endeavors of the future. Likewise, as it is one of the fastest growing methods in recent years, we give great importance to the quality of this service to achieve greater results from it.

On the other hand, one of the possibilities that Virtual and Distance Education provides is the participation from any location and at almost any time of a training program, without the need of physical transfer of those who teach and those who learn. In EduQ@ we all learn and teach, and thanks to the use of technologies in information and communication we can all participate disregarding the geographical distances between us, because the experiences of the different latitudes and institutions enrichen us day by day.

The consideration over the quality of distance education is an imperative subject in our current profession, because the criteria to define it are in constant definition and adjustment. Likewise, the attribute of the quality is one of the fundamental pillars for improving the educational systems of our societies, both in the distance systems, as in face-to-face and in blended learning.

Why a virtual conference?

Although there are other conferences on the quality of education in Ibero-America, on many occasions they are out of the reach of Latin American teachers, of whose institutions are unable to provide accommodation and flights to the host universities.

It is necessary to search for equality and to incorporate the entire community of educators in the debate over educational quality, opening channels of participation for the communication of the numerous experiences performed in the different educational institutions, and the debate over the investigations that the masters and the doctorates of our institutions have performed on the aspects linked to the quality in distance education.






José Luis Córica


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